How to bet on Bet9ja Virtual Sports Games

Bet9ja is one of the few bookies in Nigeria whose portfolio includes the opportunity for betting on virtual sports which is one of the reasons it is considered as one of the most significant operator on the national market.

If who are not that familiar with the betting sphere – virtual bets are simulations of real sports which are represented on your screen via animation that quite much is similar to the well-known sport computer games.

The difference between the sport computer video games and the virtual sports in Bet9ja is that in virtual sports the punters do not control the players, but only watch what is happening on the playground. What you have as an option to do with this virtual sport betting activity is to place a bet on the final outcome of the match / contestant.

What actually controls the both teams is specially tailored software which is directed by the odds for the event – in other words, if for a certain team the odd is lower, then in a long-term this team will have more wins than the other team. However, all of these do not guarantee that in a single match this team is going to be on mandatory the winner – the luck plays the hugest role in this type of betting.

Virtual sports are liked by customers because of an entire row of benefits such as:

  • Entertainment – with the IT progress the level of virtual sports quality has increased a lot, so today they are quite close to the real sports look and this makes them extremely funny and interesting to the customers.
  • Succession – every single championship from any sport discipline has some pauses during the year, when there are no events. Yet, the case with the virtual sports isn’t the same as they never stop within the year. Championships and outcomes are continually running.
  • Dynamic – while any football match, for instance, lasts 90 minutes, a football match from the virtual sports category lasts about 3 minutes, which means that you will find out whether your bet is going to be successful faster.

Bet9ja company uses the services developed by the software companies Evolution Gaming and Logi Games for its casino room, the virtual sports are made by other company – BetRadar. It is well-known that the virtual sports made by BetRadard company are the most popular ones among the entire betting industry. In Bet9ja website you will see four Betradar’s games – soccer/football, tennis, horse and dog racing. As to us, we are going to tell you more about each of these virtual games.

Bet9ja Virtual Soccer / Football

Virtual soccer/football is the most popular virtual sport that is offered on this platform and not only here. This tendency is due to the fact that is it the only virtual sport which is available on the mobile version (check out what else is available in this betting operator here – Bet9ja Mobile or Bet9ja Old-mobile).


Virtual soccer/football represents one football championship with 16 teams where a new series of 8 matches start within each next 4-5 minutes. You can choose which one match to follow yourself. For instance, if you prefer matches between teams with equal chances to win or the opposite – matches where one of the team is a certain favorite, this option is going to be really useful for you.

For each of the matches you can place bets on more than 40 different markets that include the following markets: winner, correct score, handicap bets, number of scores, correct score for a half time and etc.

The only weak point of the virtual football here in this betting house is that the view of the match is broadcasted on a very small screen and unfortunately, you don’t have the option to increase it. This problem exists only on the computers, while if you place mobile bets you will get a quite pleasant view.

Bet9ja Virtual tennis

The virtual tennis simulates one tennis tournaments that starts from the second round before the final. This means that the number of the games at the same time depends on the phase that the tournament has reached. In other words, if the tournament is still in its beginning, then the number of the matches is going to be 8, while if we are on the final phase, you will have only match to bet on at your disposal. Yet, the playing time here is the same as the playing time in the virtual football – around 3-4 minutes per game and a new phase within the next 4-5 minutes.


The types of bets you can place in virtual tennis are the following: winner in the match, winner during the first set, winner during the first game, correct score of the sets, total number of the games in the match, correct score per single set, correct score per single game and etc.

Bet9ja Horse and Dog racing

Horse and Dog racing are quite similar in terms of playing behavior. The main difference between the horse racing and dog is the number of participants per single contestant – in dog one battle has 6 dogs-contestants, while in horse racing it is organized with 12 horses.


Yet, the types of the bet you can place are similar. You can bet on the final winner in the battle, as well as to make some combined bets on horse / dogs that will end up in top 3.