Champions League 20/21 Betting Tips

Here at Bet9jaMobile Review, you will find our champions league tips on every game of the UEFA Champions League 20/21. This year we will see if the Bayer Munich will have the same hammer approach of post COVID and continue its series of winnings in a row.

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Champions League Tips and Predictions

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Champions League 2020/21

Every year we see the best clubs in Europe fighting to win the UEFA Champions League. Being the top team in your own country is important of course, but becoming the champions of Europe is the ultimate aim. The majority of teams taking part aren’t champions of their own country. There may will be group games early on but from the last sixteen this is a knock-out tournament and that means anything can happen between top soccer clubs. 


After the catastrophic impact of the covid19, we have seen a team that never lost a game in the entire tournament, the ironclad Bayern Munich . The final has shown a first time PSG which has been very competitive and very cynical in the last round of the matches. Last season have been also seen incredible results of a first time presence of the Italian team Atalanta. Unforgettable also the shocking Bayern 8 – 2 Barcelona.

England Premier League lost its super Liverpool on the Round of 16 and only the Manchester City saw the quarter-finals. Disappointing results from the very best league (the English Premier League) in the world league that the year before completely dominated the tournament.

Final stages of the tournament this year we saw the domination of the German and French teams. Two inedited Semi-Finals between RB Leipzig – PSG and Lyon – Bayern Munich where we saw the 2 finalists winning with a 3-0 each!

The Road to Istanbul 2021

It all began on 17h July 2020 the Champions League 2020/21 with the preliminary round tournaments. As usual the qualification for the Champions League has been determined by the league positions in countries around Europe in the previous season.

The final will take place at Istanbul’s Atatürk Olympic Stadium, which had been due to stage the 2020 decider. Saint Petersburg, the prospective 2021 host, will now stage the 2022 event.

With a capacity of over 70,000, the venue stages Turkey national-team games and has at various times been a temporary home for Istanbul clubs Galatasaray, İstanbul Başakşehir and Beşiktaş.

Most famously, the Atatürk Olympic Stadium staged the 2005 UEFA Champions League final, Liverpool recovering from going 3-0 down against AC Milan to win the game on penalties – the so-called ‘Miracle of Istanbul’.



Some countries such as Spain, England, Germany and Italy has the top ranking and so we see the top four in their league qualify. Other smaller nations (39 to be precise) just have their league champions qualify to take part.

ESP (4): Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla
ENG (4): Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea
ITA (4): Juventus, Internazionale Milano, Atalanta, Lazio
GER (4): Bayern, Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Borussia Mönchengladbach
FRA (3): Paris Saint-Germain, Marseille, Rennes
RUS (3): Zenit, Lokomotiv Moskva, Krasnodar*
UKR (2): Shakhtar Donetsk, Dynamo Kyiv*
 (1): Porto
BEL (1): Club Brugge
NED (1): Ajax
AUT (1): Salzburg*
 (1): İstanbul Başakşehir
DEN (1): Midtjylland*
GRE (1): Olympiacos*
HUN (1): Ferencváros*

Odds for the 2020/21 Champions League Winner

  • Manchester City – 2.30
  • PSG – 3.75
  • Real Madrid – 4.50
  • Chelsea – 5.50
  • Bayern Munich out
  • Liverpool – out
  • Borussia Dortmund – out
  • Porto – out
  • Juventus – out
  • Atletico Madrid – out
  • Atalanta – out
  • Sevilla – out
  • Barcelona – out
  • RB Leipzig – out
  • Borussia Monchengladbach – out
  • Lazio – out
  • Manchester United – out
  • Inter – out
  • Ajax – out
  • Marseille – out
  • Shakhtar Donetsk – out
  • Zenit St. Petersburg – out
  • Stade Rennes – out
  • Club Brugge – out
  • Istanbul Basaksehir – out
  • Lokomotiv Moscow – out

Dates for your Diary

Phase Draw date Game dates
Preliminary Round July 17, 2020 August 8 & 11
First qualifying round August 9, 2020 August 18-19
Second qualifying round August 10, 2020 August 25-26
Third qualifying round August 31, 2020 September 15-16
Play-off September 1, 2020 September 22-23 & 29-30
Group stage October 1, 2020 October 20 – December 9
Last 16 December 14, 2020 February 16-17, 23-24 & March 9-10, 16-17
Quarter-final March 19, 2021 April 6-7, 13-14
Semi-final March 19, 2021 April 27-28 & May 4-5
Final March 19, 2021 May 29

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The Contenders

The PSG squad after being very close to the trophy last year, this year they will be probably more aware of their powerful team and we predict their arrival in the first 8 (quarter finals).

The rich Manchester City owners which dream that trophy from the last 10 years. Or Juve after dominating again the seasons in Italy (9 in a row) and with their new coach Andrea Pirlo.

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Liverpool, after dominating the last EPL with 8 matches in advance will be the first contender for the final stages.

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We are all looking forward to see again the two Spanish Real Madrid and Barcelona to be very competitive again. Both have been defeated without seeing the Semi-Finals (Barcelona had the worst result in the history probably against Bayern Munich for 8-2!). Barcelona is still in the process of re-fundation of the entire team from managers to players.

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Champions League Groups – Final Tables 

The eight groups stages had some big challenges for our champions league tips and predictions: in group A we will see the 2020 champions of Bayern Munich with the Athletic Madrid; group B the Real Madrid and Inter; group C quite easy on the paper for the Manchester City; interesting group D with Liverpool against the last year surprise of Atalanta; another interesting challenge between the 2020 UEFA champions of Seville together with the Chelsea; Juventus and Barcelona the top team in group G and closing with PSG vs Manchester United.



Group A: Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Red Bull Salzburg, Lokomotiv Moscow

Group B: Real Madrid, Shakhtar Donetsk, Inter, Borussia Monchengladbach

Group C: Porto, Man City, Olympiakos, Marseille

Group D: Liverpool, Ajax, Atalanta, Midtjylland

Group E: Sevilla, Chelsea, Krasnodar, Rennes

Group F: Zenit, Borussia Dortmund, Lazio, Club Brugge

Group G: Juventus, Barcelona, Dynamo Kiev, Ferencvaros

Group H: PSG, Manchester United, RB Leipzig, Istanbul Basaksehir

There are so many bets that you can place on the Champions League. There are of course many contenders and difficult to predict with many strong teams which can make it through the end. Tottenham with the Jose Mourigno era, or Juve with the new Andrea Pirlo’s team or what about the revenge of the Spanish Real Madrid, Athletic Madrid & Barcelona or, again, the Liverpool with the volcanic Jurgen Klopp or another EPL beautiful team of Chelsea, Manchester City, or maybe again the German Bayer Munich ? 

Champions League Groups – Last Draw

Latest Draw will refer to the Round 16, here the things start being super interesting with some super matches similar to what can be a final. Most interesting matches: Atletico Madrid – Chelsea & Barcelona – PSG.

  • RB Leipzig – Liverpool (Leg 1: 0 – 2) (Leg 2: 0-2)
  • Barcelona – PSG (Leg 1: 1 – 4) (Leg 2: 1-1)
  • Sevilla – Dortmund (Leg 1: 2 – 3) (Leg 2: 2-2)
  • Porto – Juventus (Leg 1: 2 – 1) (Leg 2: 2-3)
  • Atlético Madrid – Chelsea (Leg 1: 0 – 1) (Leg 2: 0-2)
  • Lazio – Bayern (Leg 1: 1 – 4) (Leg 2: 1-2)
  • Atalanta – Real Madrid (Leg 1: 0 – 1) (Leg 2: 1-3)
  • Mönchengladbach – Manchester City (Leg 1: 0 – 2) (Leg 2: 0-2)
  • Real Madrid – Liverpool (Leg 1: 3 – 1) (Leg 2: 0-0)
  • Manchester City – Dortmund (Leg 1: 2 – 1) (Leg 2: 2-1)
  • Bayern – PSG (Leg 1: 2 – 3) (Leg 2: 1-0)
  • Porto – Chelsea (Leg 1: 0 – 2) (Leg 2: 1-0)
  • Real Madrid – Chelsea (Leg 1: 1 – 1) (Leg 2: 0-2)
  • PSG – Manchester City – Dortmund (Leg 1: 1 – 2) (Leg 2: 0-2)

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